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Zenfinity Massage and Wellness
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Our Philosophy of Wellness


At Zenfinity, we are focused on serious, therapeutic healing work, rather than mere "lotion spreading".  We believe that healing YOU is something that only YOUR mind and body can do.  All that we are is facilitators for this healing.  The main way that we assist you in your healing process is by coaxing your mind and body to "Let Go" of your tension, restrictions, and/or pain.  We've learned that the two most powerful tools at our disposal in any therapy session, are your mind and your breath, so while we use our hands to massage and stretch your muscles, we'll also coach you in a tranquil voice to take long deep breaths, and use the incredible power of your mind to relax your body.  In this way, the session is like a guided meditation in which you become a more active participant in your own therapy.

Our philosophy of wellness extends beyond the body to encompass the mind and spirit as well.  This is why we offer
Chi Gong classes
, to help you re-establish your mind-body connection, quiet your mind and find your inner peace.

You see, Zenfinity is about an escape to the Zen within, where you let go of your troubles to find the infinite health, infinite peace, and and infinite love that's always been at the core of who you really are.